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The work of planting Pinellia ternata after wheat harvest is in full swing in China

    At present, the major wheat producing provinces in North China, Huang Huai Hai and other provinces have started to sickle one after another. The work of wheat cross regional mechanical harvesting has been promoted from south to north, and the "three summers" production has reached a climax. As of 17:00 on June 9, 195.46 million mu of winter wheat had been harvested nationwide, more than 50% of the sown area, and the progress of summer wheat harvest was more than half. 473000 sets of combine harvesters were put into operation on the same day, and 23.98 million mu of wheat was harvested by machine, accounting for 89%.

This year's large-scale inter regional wheat harvest has been progressing smoothly since it was launched on May 27. From June 7 to 9, China's daily wheat harvesting area exceeded 23 million mu for three consecutive days. The daily amount of harvesting machines and tools and daily wheat harvesting area reached a new high, and the progress was significantly accelerated. Among them, the wheat harvest in Sichuan and Hubei provinces has ended; Anhui has received 39.52 million mu of wheat, with a progress of over 90%; Henan has received 68.84 million mu of wheat, with a progress of over 80%; Jiangsu has received 16.65 million mu of wheat, more than half of the progress; Shaanxi has collected 6.15 million mu of wheat, with a progress of nearly 40%; Shandong has received 13.92 million mu of wheat, with a progress of over 20%; The wheat harvest in Hebei and Shanxi is over 10%.

    The competent departments of agricultural mechanization at all levels paid close attention to the organization, management and technical services of wheat cross regional mechanical harvesting, and issued 340000 "cross regional operation certificates" free of charge. Organize the docking of market supply and demand in advance, strengthen information guidance, and promote the orderly flow of combine. A total of 3234 inter regional machine reception service stations were set up in the main wheat producing areas, which helped to maintain the operation order during the "three summers". This year, more than 30000 new combine harvesters and high-performance machines with feeding capacity of more than 5kg have been added in various places, and the operation efficiency and quality have been significantly improved. The main wheat producing areas vigorously promote agricultural mechanization technologies such as straw crushing and returning to the field, picking up and bundling, and combine dredging and blocking to promote straw resource utilization and clean utilization. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives have become the main force of "Sanxia" production, and the degree of inter regional operation organization has been further improved.

    At the same time of seizing the wheat, the work of summer maize sowing started immediately. The Agricultural Machinery Department vigorously promoted the mechanized operation mode of wheat harvesting, straw treatment and maize sowing, striving to "mature one mu, harvest one mu, sow one mu", and the summer harvest and summer seed were carried out simultaneously. As of June 9, 673000 planters have been put into operation nationwide, and 78.2 million mu of summer maize have been sown. According to the weather forecast, most of North China, Huang Huai and Northwest China will continue to have fine weather in the next five days, which is conducive to the late maturity and harvest of winter wheat. The Ministry of agriculture requires local agricultural mechanization departments to carry forward the work style of continuous combat, strengthen the responsibility, and earnestly achieve "Two Musts": first, they must speed up the progress of "three summers", strengthen the mechanical scheduling, spare no effort to seize the sunshine, harvest, soil moisture and seed, transform the "harvest in sight" of summer grain into "harvest in hand", and at the same time, fully plant autumn grain, Lay a good foundation for increasing grain production throughout the year. Second, we must maintain the production order of "three summers". It is necessary to strengthen the cooperation between departments, continue to do a good job in traffic guidance, meteorological service, oil supply maintenance and safety production of locomotives for cross regional operation, and jointly escort the "three summers" production.