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Agricultural machinery sales ushered in "e-commerce + enterprise + finance" mode

    On September 20,, and agricultural machinery jointly held a press conference in Beijing Conference Center, officially announcing that the three parties have established a strategic partnership in the field of agricultural machinery e-commerce, and jointly promote the e-commerce of agricultural machinery sales and services with the mode of "e-commerce + enterprise + finance".

    At the press conference, the "agricultural machinery franchise store" operated by the three parties was launched on Jingdong agricultural means e-commerce channel. Ten agricultural machinery enterprises signed agreements at the meeting, becoming the first batch of agricultural machinery e-commerce companies to settle in Jingdong. According to reports, through the cooperative operation of "agricultural machinery franchise stores", the three parties combine online agricultural machinery sales, agricultural machinery financial leasing, offline after-sales service and agricultural technology guidance, so that farmers can complete agricultural machinery consultation, purchase, financing and fund-raising without leaving home, and enjoy door-to-door delivery, real-time installation, maintenance, agricultural technology guidance and other services.

As the first agricultural machinery e-commerce platform in China to realize the one-stop service of agricultural machinery online sales, transportation, after-sales and finance, the "agricultural machinery franchise store" fills the gap in the category of agricultural machinery products in the field of agricultural means e-commerce. Fan Tianyang, the person in charge of Jingdong agricultural means e-commerce, said that through the organic combination of production enterprises, financial services and farmers, Jingdong can give play to its role as the largest self operated e-commerce platform in China and its advantages of covering the country's rural e-commerce infrastructure, realize flat sales of agricultural machinery, and enable farmers to enjoy more, faster, better and less after-sales services.

    With the help of the agricultural machinery financial solution of Yixin inclusive financial leasing, it makes it possible to purchase machinery at full price, make it possible to "get rich first and pay later", and let more farmers with actual demand for machinery really enjoy the practical help brought by Inclusive Finance. Wang Wei, senior vice president of Eason Pratt & Whitney, told reporters that in order to make farmers who have actual demand for purchasing machines get more benefits through this platform, Eason will provide an additional personal accident insurance with 25 kinds of major diseases free of charge for all users who have successfully bought agricultural machinery, so as to experience the benefits of online shopping and let farmers really enjoy the practical help brought by Pratt & Whitney finance.